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bday dedication for you guys!
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 | 0 comment[s]


It's been awhile, miss me? Miss me? Lewls. Ok I have a lot of stories to tell but first, aku kena tunaikan janji aku dulu. Wink wonk. I dedicate this entry for;;

kak shu and nam woohyun :-)

They happened to share the same birthdate yey!! I couldn't give anything for both of them bc no money lol so I decided to write a simple entry for both of them. :-)

nam woohyun

A quick intro. Above all, I would like to explain his nicknames. Hahaha i think i can define him from his nicknames the best kot. (lulz) Firstly, Namu. In korean, maksud namu tu pokok. So literally for inspirits, nampak pokok teringat dia hahaha pui. Namstar pula, uhm a cute nickname right pft idk how to explain this one lol he's nam and he's a star so namstar? HAHAHA ok no infinite's leader said that budak ni celebrity-minded so yeah namstar. Third, Namgrease! Okay i really like this one bc this nickname define him the best among all nicknames he had lol. He's really greasy, or in other word cheesy :-) His love for his fans is just.. wow. During their world tour, he picked an inspirit from each countries dan bagi cincin+bunga. Dia beli sendiri guna duit dia fufufu. I really think he can make it into world book of record for the amount of heart throws dia buat -__- Anti-fans pun dia anggap fans juga, sasaeng (sasaengs are not fans, theyre like a group of obsessive girls and privacy is not in their dictionary heh) pun budak ni layan dengan baik juga. He got the title "King of Fanservice" which is.. not surprising at all hahaha. Meh just be an inspirit and you know how much his love towards his fans lol. And the last one, bolmae. The real meaning of bolmae is "a person who get attractive each day" and woohyun himself said that we have to meet him in person for atleast 4 times to fall for his charm completely pui look at this shameless boy -,,- So yeah happy belated birthday namstar :-) Stay healthy wuwuw ;__;

kak shu :3

I followed her in twitter since.. well I dont really remember but apa yang pasti before she made her second acc ;-) I don't know her really well but I'm trying to now. Hahaha ;w; She's a big fan of B2ST and obviously her ultimate bias is Dongwoon haha oh well akak sorang ni banyak bias and most of them maknae huhahu. She's one of them that help me untuk jadi tenang until the spm result will be announce. Thanks akak ;p I hope I can be closer with her haha she's a fun person to be with. Taaapi kalau akak ni merajuk fuh susahnya nak pujuk -w- Boleh jugak dia merajuk dengan wuyun time bday hari tu haha jgn risau la akak orang kat sini ingat jugak bday akak ;AA; I don't really know what to write bc I still need to know a lot about her so akak :D Wuwawu we really have to talk more lol. May Allah bless you here and hereafter akak, good luck in everything you do. May Allah protects you! Stay healthy and be happy ^^ If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here. Awww man cheesy much hahaha. Moga panjang umur :-) Teehee sorry simple but I wrote this dengan penuh ikhlas hehehe accept my heart~ Hart hart hart <3 Here's my present for you!!!






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