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my facts #1
Friday, March 14, 2014 | 0 comment[s]


Ehe hi. Lama dah aku nda update haha. Who cares anyway lol by the way Im gonna write about myself, because Im positive that no one reads this HAHAHAHA just.. ayo, i admit that I may change myself so maybe next time you meet me or for those yang baru kenal aku in the future, I may not be the old me OR MAYBE NO LOLOLOL apa aku cakap ni == One of the hardest things to do is to achieve someone's standards towards you. But.. it's not right for you to give some hurtful comments to someone who doesn't meet up to your standards. [talks to myself] Before this, I always criticize orang orang yang aku rasa nda capai apa yang aku mau. Well.. for example, when someone couldn't sing well [based on my criteria] but the person is a singer, aku terus comment orang tu padahal at everyone's ears dia nyanyi okay ja pun, aku yang nda ngam lol. Do you get me? It's just an example though supaya message aku sampai HAHAHAHA

Im gonna start, okay? I already prepare my mental kalau ada orang baca ni and cakap "eleh kau bukan macam tu pun hahaha minta puji" well hahaha i know myself well okay, its just a matter of time till you realized aku mmg macam ni or you won't because I wont expose my true identity towards you. Theres nothing in between, just that two options lol is this harsh omg sorry.. And aku dah sedia if ada orang nda senang dgn attitude aku or my interests and i apologize for that. In all honesty, if you have something to tell me or if theres anything yang you guys dislike about me, you can always tell me srsly. After all, you and I live in the world filled with criticism and macam tu la kita hidup sebenarnya coughs aku rasa aku berumur cakap macam ni lol

lets see the first question lol HAHAHA THIS IS AWKWARD

If you have problems, what will you do?

Im a girl.. who easily gets panick lol. I couldn't think straight and akan terus gelabah and all. I'm being honest here walaupun sebenarnya aku nda mau expose diri aku yang ini but yes, I couldn't keep myself calm lol haha dumb. Aku cepat stress, and most of the times I hide my true feelings to myself. There are times yang aku nda mau susahkan orang lain [when truthfully I am a burdensome to everyone around me haha] and there are times Im being too honest to the extend that I'll curse [I rarely curse, sangat jarang, by words or social platforms and if I do.. yeah.. things happen lol] Dulu aku jarang nangis depan orang but dang idk what happen to me aku cepat ternangis [lol ter] and I hate that HAHAHAHAHA I seem so weak la heih. I tried to make myself look strong infront of others but sometime I can't handle myself. I admit, I will always think that life is unfair each time I have problems [rip my bad mentality] Sometimes I want to blame everyone for all of the problems I got but in the end the sole reason for my problems is myself. HAHAHAHAHA LETS DO A CIRCLE HAND IN HAND AND CRY FOR ME

But, believe me, even so aku macam ni, I still berfikir dengan rasional. Yes, sometimes I get too emotional, too annoying, but trust me, I'm a girl who always try to develop herself into a better person I.. am.. not.. memuji diri sendiri ni okay hahaha. I can get my chin back up, winks. HAHAHAHAHAHA OK NEXT NEXT!!

[the gifs i put here displayed my reactions exactly the same while typing this lol] ok lets continue lol]

Are you good with words? Can you express your feelings well?

To be very honest, I am good with words HAHAHAHAHAHA..HAHAHAHAHAHA GILA HAHAHAHAHA PERASAN GILA HAHAHAHAHA no like srsly Im such a pro kalau bab bab tulis cheesy words but to be very honest, not all of the time I put my true feelings masa tulis benda tu. Ceh sekarang ni, cakap i love you tu sangat la senang to the extend, you dont feel anything if someone said it to you. Am I true or am i true lol meaning the ily is so mainstream everyone easily say that to the ones yang kita nda kenal sangat pun, including me HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WOW THE SARCASM TOWARDS MYSELF. But in real life, aku.. sebenarnya nda pandai tunjuk sangat. For example, I really love my parents and friends but I cannot show it infront of them.

During mother's day, father's day, birthday celebrations, its so hard for me to say "i love you" or even show it through my face bc I will forever making a pokerface padahal dalam hati == When the ppl yang aku rapat ada masalah aku sebenarnya risau tapi reaksi aku tidak menunjukkan sedemikian ashjdjHAHAHAHA T-T

Weh, can you understand me hahaha aku cuma boleh tunjuk rasa risau aku rasa sayang aku bila my crazy mode on. Time aku gila gila tu, ha time tu la aku jadi gila peluk kawan kawan aku, hantar flying kiss, cakap aku sayang kau, skinship everything. So in conclusion, Im good with words but not through actions. Dan di kesempatan ini, to everyone yang aku rapat;

[tahan ketawa] guys, although I may not show it or sometimes being so cold towards you guys, you know I love you, right? HAHAHAHAHA NEXT!!!!

Your music taste?

HAHAHAHAHAHA this is.. kinda.. obvious? Let me clear things up. My favourite genres change based on my mood. When I need some peaceful moments, I listen to Sami Yusuf's songs. You guys should listen to him. His voice is.. mcm mana mau cakap? Musical? Hahah. Most of the times, I listen to kpop, k-hiphop. I listen to covers too. My favs are Sam Tsui's and Boyce Avenue's. When I need to reminisce my old times, I listen to The Beatles, since my brother listen to them. Nowadays, I let myself immersed to Shila Amzah. Not her Malay songs, but Chinese songs. Because for me she let herself all out masa nyanyi lagu cina lol. Tbh, I love listen to songs that can make you dance because I love to dance hahaha. I love songs with most of the parts are rap too. And also, songs played with piano. Ramai tanya kenapa suka korean songs when I dont even understand the lyrics in which.. I dont see thats a big problem. Because its not hard to search the translations lol just taip di youtube and bam you get it. So yes, most of korean songs I listen, aku faham [sebab aku cari translation dia HAHAHA] and yes, I am aware that some kpop songs I have to control myself from listening to them for some reasons that are against my religion. I dont really feel to list my reasons kenapa aku suka k-music because I dont really see the need to, i dont have to defend my interest though sebab penat hahaha. Oh, yes, ditekankan di sini aku dah mula suka k-hiphop in which lagi banyak rap lol. Basically mana mana lagu yang best didengar, aku dengar la haih apa susah sangat ni its music mah, the language is not an important factor kan am i right or am i right hehehe

We will continue at the next entry~ HAHAHAHAHAHA I am so speechless right now agagaga bye