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Friday, March 28, 2014 | 0 comment[s]

Even though time passes, we will remember each other forever.
You and I were so reckless back then.. lol
Even after our graduation, things will remain well.. ok?
Those days that I remember, will be unchanged. Our memories.

Now that this has been completed,
the reality has still not arrived.
Walking around the neighborhood,
it seems like it was just yesterday. How about you guys?

Everyday studying through the nights,
you came to see me working hard.
Some tapped my shoulder saying "You can do this."
Some hugged me saying "Still got time to study."
Some approached saying "Dont cry this is going to be easy."
Some sat beside saying "I also didn't get good grades dont worry."
Some whispered "Dont give up I'll help you."
The story of our students' life,
almost did not make it. But we went through those hard days.

After our graduation, even as time passes, never forget us.

Even though time passes, we will remember each other forever.

The reality has not yet arrived, the responsibilities of 20 year old us haven't hit us yet.
There's nothing in particular, but time passes so quickly. Sighs.

Friends.. Ah.. I'm really sorry for not being able to be a good friend. Guys, you understand..right? Although we graduated from high school.. let's be friends forever, ok? May fate fares you well. My beautiful roses and handsome guns!! Although I cant see you often and I cant contact you guys, ah.. I really.. really, really, really.. LOVE YOU!!!!