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school of tears; cr- bts
Friday, April 11, 2014 | 0 comment[s]

‘Nice kid complex’ that was my illness.(But I was still nice to everyone..)that was my illness. Behind me they talked bad,in front of me they acted nice. I pretended not to notice that school was a battleground. Someone would have brushed it off as something you should not care about. Not perpetrators, not victims, this is a place where we're turned into bystanders. Even if you point your finger at me and call me a coward I’m fine with it. But how would you define it? "You know I can't lend u a hand, if I did that I'll end up the same way as you". Don't be blinded by justice, the hero is dead. This is reality, the only way to survive, there are no options. This is a ring called classroom. This is a stadium with no referees just an audience. You know there will be no victor everyone will lose. In the end school is like a mini society- a jungle made carelessly by adults. They made the weaklings weak, they made the strong powerful. Of course since they were strong they made the weak suffer. A society built on the teachings that friends are only for pretend. The morals of adults made us step on the weak to rise to the top. In a moment of force, "I did not know because I was out of it" became an excuse. That's right, this society is filled with bystanders that are no different than perpetrators. The students trapped inside classrooms known as themselves are also the victims.

Harsh but its kinda.. true? Lol or is it just for me hahaha bye